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My long-standing interest in maps and their design is one of the reasons I entered the field of graphic design. I love maps, and can design an attractive, professional, useful map for your company, school, or organization. Contact Aurelian Design to discuss your map design needs .

I am also a trained GIS Technician and GIS Analyst with a GIS Certificate (2018).

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Do you need a custom map for a city, county, or state park, real estate development, transit system, college, university, or hospital campus, golf course, or a business park? Or perhaps a regional or city map for your hotel, convention center, port, chamber of commerce, visitors center, or other marketing organization. If so, Aurelian Design is your custom mapping solution. I'm always happy to talk about your next map design project with no obligation. Give me a call or send an e-mail, and let's your next map design.

Besides printed maps, I can design PDF maps, and also website maps that can have popups when you hover over particular sites, properties, buildings, rooms, trails, roads, etc., as in this example map with hover popups.

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Maps are at the intersection of design and functional communication. They must be usable and well-organized, but also attractive. They can be in a realistic style, or highly stylized to emphasize functionality or topology over geographic precision. I can work with either end of this spectrum.

At the same time, maps have a large amount of information, often composed of many layers, and need to be carefully managed. Having an engineering background means I have the skills to organize all necessary information, and present it in a systematic and readable manner.

If you need an easy-to-use map contact Aurelian Design, your custom map designer. Let's discuss your project, and I'll be happy to give you a project cost and time estimate.

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