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Interactive Map Design

Maps are much more interesting and useful when the viewer can get selected information to find out more about what they are interested in specifically. Examples include sales information for a particular property, visiting information for a tourist, recreatiional, or business site, or information about a part of a development or improvement project.

One example of such an interactive map with pop-up information about tourist sites is shown below. Hover over the sites in blue and hours and other information appear without leaving the page. It even works on some mobile devices, if there's a way to perform a hovering action.

There are relatively simple for me to develop once the base map, which is often developed for print use, is complete. Contact me to discuss creating one of these maps for any of a variety of uses: tourism, real estate, business campuses, public parks, shopping centers, hospitals, school and university campuses, sporting arenas and other venues, concert halls, parks, and more.

Central Historic District
24 Shops and Restaurants
Most Open Weekdays, 11 to 9
Saturday 12 to 11, Sunday, 1 to 9
Visitor Center
75 High St.
Open Daily, 10 to 6
Packing District Museum
Learn the History of the Area
Open Friday Through Sunday, 1 to 5
High Street Parking Garage
23 High St.
240 Spaces
Open Daily, 6 am to Midnight
Oak Street Parking Lot
145 Oak Street
64 Spaces
Open Daily, 24 Hours
Free Weekdays After 6 pm, and on Weekends
Duke Street Parking Garage
105 Duke St.
165 Spaces
Open Daily, 6 am to Midnight
Johnson House
17 1/2 Carl's Alley
Oldest House in the City
Built in 1798
Open Weekends, 10 am to 4 pm
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