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Product Packaging Design Product Packaging Design

Aurelian Design can help make your product stand out with creative and recognizable package designs! 3D prototype images for many designs can also be produced.

There are three elements to good packaging design:

As people walk quickly past hundreds of products on a store shelf, the first job of a package is to draw attention to a product.

A new product must also clearly and legibly say what it is. A hierarchy of text and design elements should be present to force the consumer to see the most important information first.

Once a shopper concentrates on your product, the package must make the sale. The customer should focus not only on the product contents, but its quality, and advantages over other products. These can include environmental benefits (e. g., sustainable ingredients or lighter packaging), functional considerations (easy to use, extra features, etc.), or that an item is locally produced.

A package design must also make an emotional connection with the buyer. This may be based on a mood, value, price, whim, or trust in the company that makes the product. My job as a graphic designer is to work with you to develop the appropriate packaging that can make the right connections with your customer.

In addition to packaging, Aurelian Design can help with designs for labels, designs for trade shows, conventions, weddings and other events, and designs for web banners, buttons, and other graphic elements such as presentation, proposals, business diagrams and infographics. Product Packaging Design

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